Affordable solutions for
a developing world.



The Flexipump is perfect for small-scale farmers who want to grow more cash crops.

Pump up to 1,600 litres per hour. As a manual pump, it requires no electricity to operate.

• Simple to Use & Maintain
• Durable Construction
• Affordable pump solution
• Make your own spare parts

Reduce your irrigation time by 80%

Swap your bucket for a Flexipump and irrigate more land, in less time. The result? You yield more crops, earn more money and increase your food security.

Easy to use and carry

This simple, human-powered pump is designed to be very user-friendly. Both women and men find it easy to manage and it’s compatible with most crops. Weighing it at only 2.5kg, it’s simple to transport. It can even be fixed to the back of a bicycle.


This unique pump is cost-effective to buy, run and maintain. As a manual pump, it requires no electricity. This means you have no running costs, you just add value every time you use it.

Unlike many other pumps on the market, the Flexipump requires no specific tools or shop-bought replacement parts. Many farmers make their own spare parts from recycled materials. You simply repair and maintain it as easily as you would a bicycle pump.