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Plug & Spray

Introducing the water tank pump that’s simple, effective and easy to use.

The Plug & Spray is compatible with all water tanks and can pump up to 720 litres per hour! Do you need to pump water upstairs? No problem, it can pump up to 4.5m high!

• Standard Water tank connections
• No Installation Required
• Very convenient pressure solution
• 2 Pin Plug or Solar Powered

There’s no installation required, simply:

• Connect the pump to ball valve or tap
• Connect your hose pipe to the pump
• Turn it on and start pumping water from your tank to your garden, pool or your top loader washing machine.

Recommended for:

• Rainwater tanks
• Pool backwash tanks
• Pumping grey water (remember to clean the internal filter)
• Micro irrigation, either dippers or micro sprinklers

What’s included in the Plug and Spray kit?

• 12V 19W pump      • Euro plug      • Quick connectors
• 5m power cable      • 1-year warranty

Off the Grid?

No Problem, you can power the pump from a solar panel, your car cigarette lighter or even car battery terminals.


This pump is for water only, not chemicals.
Do not to let the pump run dry and make sure to turn the pump off when it’s not in use.